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Yusef Abdul Lateef  was an American jazz multi-instrumentalist, composer. Although Lateef's main instruments were the tenor saxophone and flute, he also played oboe and bassoon, both rare in jazz, and also used a number of non-western instruments such as the bamboo flute, shanai, shofar, xun, arghul and koto. He is known for having been an innovator in the blending of jazz with "Eastern" music. Peter Keepnews, of the New York Times, wrote that Yusef Lateef "played world music before world music had a name.

Freddy was a personal Friend of Yusef and used to tell how one day there was a knock on his London apartment door and there stood a very excited Yusef Lateef clutching a record album he had just purchased and asked if he could listen to it as he couldn't wait until he got home 


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