Thank you February 06 2020

Please may I say a massive thank you to everyone that brought a copy of Freddy's book "Ronnie Scott's 1959-69" I really hope you have enjoyed reading it. Also a massive thank you to all the people that have given such amazing reviews you have been so kind in what you have said I am sure that Freddy would have never  thought his work would be so highly praised its so sad that he isn't here to see it.

Ronnie Scott's October 24 2019

Had a lovely afternoon at the Ronnie Scott Blue Plaque event in Gerrard st  in London's Soho, had a chat with Soho George a proper face in the area such a dapper fella met some amazing people  spoke about the book and showed it to many that were there and interested shame about the weather but Ronnie would have really seen the funny side of this and most probably would have been saying look at all these idiots … it  nice to be invited back to the club for a wine and a posh sarnie thank you to all involved you done Ronnie proud

what a week October 19 2019

"Wow" what a week this has been First of all the book came out with an exhibition at London's Barbican Centre chatted to lots of people who came and saw the exhibit and a few that didn't had wonderful feedback and comments  I even done some interviews with a few more to follow also signed some books. Uncle Fred would have loved all the attention surrounding his work the thought that people still enjoying looking at these amazing photographs some 50 years on, people having a copy of the book on a coffee table in their homes or shops he really would be so so proud I know he would like to have thanked all involved and all those who have brought the book and came to the exhibition so on his behalf "Thank you so much"

Thank you October 14 2019

Just wanted to say a special thank you to all the people that braved the weather and the nightmare on the underground to get to the Barbican on Saturday and Sunday you are amazing and I enjoyed meeting everyone and a massive thank you to all that brought a copy of the book

Freddy's Book October 10 2019

Well today it all came to fruition ….. an emotional day to say the least as I now have the hard copy and a published copy of the book "Ronnie Scott's 1959-69" "Photograph's by Freddy Warren" "Author's Graham Marsh and Simon Whittle"  if I say so my self its bloody awesome... feeling extreamely happy and now looking forward to seeing the exhibition in the Barbican Centre in London ….. a massive thank you to R|A|P for having the faith in the photographs and publishing the book thank you to Mark Baxter with out him this wouldn't have happened a massive thank you to Tony Normand Rory Burton Dave Brolan 

Freddy's Book October 04 2019

Ok so here it is the countdown to the book on Freddy's photos from Ronnie Scott's is due out this month with a small exhibition in the Barbican Centre the book is called...….. "Ronnie Scott's 1959-69" its a coffee table book I hope one will grace many coffee tables

Sonny Rollins September 07 2019

Today is Walter Theodore "Sonny" Rollins 89th Birthday Born this day 7th September. He has been recognised and one of the most influential and important Jazz musicians. In his 70 year career he recorded over 60 albums and Sonny is still going strong playing concerts and recording so to you sir I thank you for your gift to us and I wish you the most fantastic 89th Birthday and I hope you many many more

Freddy's book August 01 2019

The book Ronnie Scott's 1959-69 features the photography of Freddy Warren. An Exhibition at the Barbican Centre from October 12th until January 4th will accompany the publication from ReelArtPress

Tony Hall June 28 2019

So sad to hear that Tony Hall the Former Decca Record Music Executive(columist DJ and Record Producer) has passed away aged 91 yesterday

Chick Corea June 12 2019

Happy Birthday to legendary Pianist Chick Corea