Tubby Hayes January 30 2015

Today would have been Edward Brian ( tubby) Hayes 80th Birthday London born Tubby was playing music from such and early age coming from a musical back ground Tubby was a multi-instrumentalist but was best know for his Tenor Sax playing.

One of the best known stories was told by the legendary Ronnie Scott when one evening he was playing a gig in Kingston Upon Thames Surrey 

they asked if a local could join him on stage for a couple of numbers of course Ronnie said yes but what he did'nt expect was this 11 year old boy with a Saxaphone nearly as big as the lad him self stepping on stage Ronnie then suggested a number to play and off Tubby went Ronnie admitted it scared him to death as this young boy nearly played him off the stage.

Sadly Tubby died far to young but left us this amazing catalogue of music Happy Birthday Tubby Hayes